Old Fortress Corfu Island

The so-called ”Fortezza” is the oldest fortress and trademark of the city.With  the destruction of Palaiopolis in the 6th century.Its construction served the vital objective of protecting Corfu,while the additions continued until its final formation in 1558 by the Venetians.Cross its gate (separated from the mainland by the trench of Kontra Fossa),pass through its galleries and corridors and climb to the highest point for a collectible photo having as background the Spianada and the Liston. The former barracks and prisons nowadays have been replaced by Offices of the Ministry of Culture(Byzantine Antiquities department), the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University and the Archives of the Prefecture of Corfu!

Tip: A stop at the Old Fortress cafe overlooking the neoclassical temple of St. George!Free entrance.Daily 10:00-18:00.(T. +30 26610 42279)

Why to travel in April to Corfu

And yet, this island is full of must-see events and attractions that you must enjoy at some point! Why not Easter, then, celebrated with great success every year?

Bright festive events make up the climate of Easter days in Corfu. Thousands of people gather on the island to watch the famous Easter customs combined with the enchanting scenery of the island.

Besides, the deep blue waters of the sea, combined with the blooming flowers and the greenery of nature, definitely make up a unique setting for carefree walks of relaxation and tranquility.

Litanies and unique performances of numerous philharmonics are a daily occurrence during the Holy Week. A crowd of people is rushing to worship Saint Spyridon, while at the same time the narrow streets of the city shed their life as the visitors gaze at the old town, making their shopping and tasting traditional local dishes (kumquat, mandolatos, chittibras, etc.).

Images that are indelibly painted in your memory and remain in your mind and heart forever!

The customs of the Holy Week

The celebrations of the Corfiot Easter begin at the Sunday of the Vaia with the liturgy of the Seventh Squad of St. Spyridon in memory of the island’s discharge from the plague epidemic that plagued Corfu in the 17th century. It is the largest on-the-go procession of the saint (out of the four), which takes place along the imaginary line of the Old Venetian Walls of the city.

On Monday, apart from Easter shopping, the musical concert of the Mantzaros Philharmonic Orchestra performs with works on the Old Testament. At the same wavelength, the next days of the week move to the Holy Thursday with several Philharmonic events, which have a prominent place in the celebration of Easter in Corfu. The culmination of the events takes place during Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

On Good Friday, following the ceremony of the Lord’s Resurrection and the decoration of the Epitaphas, a series takes place in the picturesque alleys and squares of the city from early in the afternoon until late at night, culminating in the appearance of this Metropolis.

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